Dadadrum is a workshop and performance based music organisation now in its 18th year. With one full time and one part time worker, we have had extensive experience working with many groups-community, education and corporate. Our workers have trained in Senegal, Gambia, Ghana and the UK and bring a wealth of experience to our workshops. We teach tribal drumming from West Africa, played on traditional instruments from the djembe, kpanlogo and donno to Ewe stick drumming.

Within education, we work with schools, run INSET courses and various artist in residence programmes. For community groups, we run workshops and programmes often leading to establishing perminant groups. We were also successful with a 73k lottery bid to establish Drum Orchestra, a five piece performing and workshop group. The group uses West African and Japanese taiko drumming, music technology and dance, running countless workshops and performances across the UK. Drum Orchestra has also produced two CD’s, both available upon request.

Within the corporate sector we run team and leadership programmes for many blue chip clients across the UK including the NHS , CMPS (Civil Service), LloydsTSB, Barclays, Arts and Business and the Campaign for Leadership. Dadadrum is based in Oxfordshire though we work across the UK and into Europe.

Our corporate work involves working from the individual, through to inter and intra team dynamics to the culture and climate of an organisation. At all levels, the focus of workshops is communication . We use drumming to bring out many of the ‘hidden’ areas of how people communicate and address challenges using communication tools fromTransactional Analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.